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Medical Company

We want to evolve digital communication in the healthcare field

We experienced and developed a lot of technological and market-related skills understanding the needs of each player: Citizens, Pharmaceutical companies, Health system and Healthcare professionals.

Thanks to our efficient and effective multichannel approach we are able to communicate with patients and HCPs with measurable results.

Workflow Integrated COMmunication

WICOM is a channel capable of delivering informative messages directly inside Physicians and Pharmacist software.

The message is activated:

depending on the product the pharmacist is viewing or ordering (eTRADE)

depending on the patient the physician is seeing (eREP).

Market share in Italy



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MIM - Medical Information Magazine

MIM is an e-magazine whose contents are viewable direcly inside physicians software and can be contextualized depending on the treated patient or therapy prescribed.

MIM is an unique tool in digital communication market to communicaton with the physician during his work, informing and raising his awareness about specific and targeted topics.

Communicate with the physician during his work.
Combine scientific content and marketing actions.
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Multichannel Marketing

The experience gained in the health environment, the development of new technologies and the integration with the tools in channels available to us, allowed us to realize

the first multichannel marketing model for pharma.

which allows us to interact with all the stakeholders involved in the scientific information about health and allows us to reach a specific target, at the most suitable time, in a customized way and through the right communication channel.

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Medicitalia is the main web platfrom dedicated to the health world, with 6 millions unique visitors per month, 8.900 registered doctors who provided more than 1 million expert opinions to the patient community in 10 years.

Regarding Medicitalia, fablab is in charge of trade issues and communication projects, from the strategic to the content point of view (oppure, meno letterale ma forse meglio: "from the strategy to the content").

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Our clients

Astrazeneca Abbott Abiogen Alfa Wassermann Almus Angelini Artsana Bayer Bioderma Biofutura Bristol-Meyers Squibb Bruno Farmaceutici Chefaro Chiesi Damor EG Eurogenerici Eurospital Farmigea Fidia Galderma Genzyme Glaxo SmithKline Gruenenthal Guna HRA Pharma Intendis Johnson & Johnson Leo Pharma Meda Pharma Mediolanum Montefarmaco MSD Mundipharma Mylan Nathura Neopharmed Gentil Nestlè Norgine Novartis Novo Nordisk Pharmentis Procter & Gamble Reckitt Benckiser Recordati Sanofi SCA Hygenie Schiapparelli Servier Shionogi Sigma tau SIT Farmaceutici Sofar Spa Takeda Teva UCB Valeas Zentiva Zambon

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