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What are cookies?

"Cookies" are small files that allow us to store specific information related to you, the user, on your computer while you are visiting our website. Cookies help us to gather information about the frequency of use and the number of visitors on our website, as well as enhancing ease of use and efficiency for you as a user. The purpose of using these cookies is to provide you with optimal user guidance as well as to "remember" you to be able to present you the most varied internet page and new content when you visit us next time. The content of a cookie is limited to an identification number. Name, IP address, etc. will not be stored. An individual profile of your usage behavior does not take place.

Using our offers is also possible without cookies. You may disable the storage of cookies in your browser, restrict it to certain websites, or set your browser to notify you when a cookie is being sent. You may also delete cookies from your computer. Please note that you have to expect a limited presentation of the page and a limited user guidance in this case.

Cookies for technical reasons

Cookies for technical reasons are used only in order to guarantee the correct operation of the website. These cookies are not used for other purposes and are manager directly by the website administrator. They are tipically used to provide functionalities such as: authentication in a restricted area, online purchases, language selection or application

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics service and uses cookiesin order to help us analyze user interaction on our website. These cookies are send from domains of Google LLC. For this purpose, usage data (including your IP address) generated by the cookies is transmitted to Google LLC server and stored for usage analysis purposes to optimize our websites. Immediate anonymization of your IP address ensures that you are not identifiable to us.

You can find further informations about how Google LLC uses collected data at this address:

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